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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yogi News Alert!

Yogi Bear has some exciting news for the campground!
What is the news?

Yogi's first announcement is the extension of the pool and waterslide dates!
That's right! Yogi decided closing the pool after Labor Day was premature, and he's letting us keep it open until September 17th! That's two extra weeks of water-filled fun!

Next up is announcement number two!
Yogi Bear is introducing Boo Boo's Sandbox! Sure to be tons of fun, Boo Boo's Sandbox will be located right on Yogi's Lake in Ranger Smith's Backyard! With sandcastle kits available in the store, there will be no shortage of fun for our sand artists and beach babes!

And lastly..drumroll please....
On Sunday, August 14th, Yogi Bear will be hosting a guest speaker! Don't miss an opportunity to hear Miguel Viera!
Given the opportunity to play football for the University of Kentucky, a dream since his childhood days, Viera shares his inspiring life story, with the intent to share a message. He lives to be a role model to younger generations and older generations alike, and he challenges his audience to do the same.
Be sure and come! Yogi knows you won't regret it!


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