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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

70's Weekend At Jellystone is Here!!

This weekend, we are taking it back...WAY back. 70's weekend!! April 27-29thWho said DISCO was dead? Not at Jellystone!. Disco Dance, Afro making, and super cool man games like the Disco Dash Relay and Funky Musical Beach Blankets. Pet Rocks and Tie-Dye shirts are all the rage! Themed Activities:
 DJ'd Disco Dance-->3 more sites needed and DANCE will extend from 9pm to 9:30pm
 Tye Die Tshirt Making
Peace Medallion Making
Groovy Time Stretchersize
 The Search For Yogi Bear
Fun N’ Games
Disco Dash Relay
Soooooul Train
Shake your Bootie with Yogi BearAt the Disco Dance
Come Dressed for the Hippie,Disco Dan & Disco Diva Contest

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