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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Just a Team, But a Family

This weekend our Yogi Bear Team took a day trip to better serve our customers and strengthen our team. We first hand experienced the interesting features of the Linville Caverns, the beauty of Toms Creek Falls and ate at one of the most breathing taking restaurants in the area. 
 During our Tom's Creek Falls adventure we discovered the most beautiful waterfall, a hidden mining cave and beautiful hiking trails that fit the needs of almost every hiking expertise as well as new timers to the hiking experience. I really enjoyed the hike because you are completely surrounded by beauty and nature, it is peaceful and not a sole in sight but your family. It is a great get-a-way spot to bring your family closer together!

 During our Linville Caverns adventure we saw tiny bats, heard interesting stories about the history of the caverns, received dreadrocks (have to go there so you can figure out what this is :) ), and got to see the most breathtaking rock formations underground. Linville Caverns is a must see while you visit our town because not only do you get to venture into the caverns, but the ride to get there is beautiful! It only takes about 35- 40 minutes to get there from Yogi Bear Jellystone Park and you drive to see that you are completely surrounded by mountains. The Blue Ridge Parkway is not 10 minutes from their site! Check it out:


 The Mountain View Restaurant is located in Spruce Pine, NC (about 30-40 minutes from Yogi Bear) and it is now for "dinning with a million dollar view." The casual dining area is warm and welcoming with panoramic views of the mountains that are simply spectacular. The restaurant is family owned just like US! :) Check it out:

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