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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Chocoholic's Frolic

This past weeks theme at Jellystone Park was Cindy Bear's Chocoholic Week! We had tons of fun with games capable of satisfying any chocoholic's sweet-tooth! 

Chocolate Eating Contest!

Our chocolate eating contests were definitely a hit for the kids as well as the parents! We did this a few times throughout the week using either chocolate cupcakes or chocolate pudding.  Our activities team pulled the kids up to the table by age group and supplied each person with a chocolaty treat to devour! They would each hold there hands behind their backs and squirm with anticipation, while the activities team chanted "ON YOUR MARK!! GET SET!! GOOO!!!" By the  end, I think just about every kid in the park had chocolate smeared all over their face with a giant smile to go with it! 

Chocolate Slip-N-Slide!

The chocolate slip-n-slide is a sweet way for the kids to cool off after a
 long day of fun and games with our activities team. The kids were buzzing with 
excitement and could hardly wait their turn in line! This activity is a really simple 
way to get the kids outside and having a great time! All you do is get a long sheet of 
smooth plastic, grab the water hose and let the chocolate fly!

Check out some more of our awesome activities and themes for the rest of the year on our website!

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