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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Green Thumb Gang!

Spring Fling Clean-Up

Spring Clean-up was a huge success last week here at 
Jellystone Park of Marion thanks to all of our amazing campers
aka the Green Thumb Gang! With their help we were able to 
bring the park back to life just in time for the new season!

The Green Thumb Gang took on many tasks this past weekend including 
painting the golf course and basketball court, planting new trees at the 
entrance of the park, adding new mulch to the flower bed and staining the
porch and Hey-Ride wagon!

Together they worked hard and we were all able to transform the park
from drab to fab! Some bright new, beautiful flowers is just
what the park needed after a longgg winter! 

We love to be apart of the memories that families are making here at Jellystone 
Park, and there was really no better way to get to know these families
than being right there in the action and helping each other out! It's great to meet
such amazing families as the ones that visit us here at Jellystone!

We want to give a special *Thank You* to all of the families that were able to come
out and help restore the park to the warm & and lively park that we know and love! The
positive energy that each of you brought was amazing and truly made the past week one
of the best!

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